Covid-19 - What we are doing to protect you

Covid-19 Enhanced Cleaning Procedure

The changeover cleaning process in our holiday home is always thorough, but we have introduced some extra cleaning and sanitation procedures while coronavirus continues to circulate within the population.

Our assumption is that anyone is a potential carrier of the virus, and that seemingly healthy guests who have just departed may have left the virus behind them. The additional procedures we have introduced are designed to make the cottage as risk-free as possible, both for you and us when carrying out the cleaning of the property in between bookings. The changes we have made are:

*Crockery, glasses and cutlery are sanitised at 60°c+ in the dishwasher.#

*Hard surfaces are cleaned with a product containing both a detergent and a disinfectant, shown to kill enveloped viruses like coronavirus.

*Bedlinen, towels, bath mats, tea towels and oven gloves are washed at 60°c, a temperature which will kill coronaviruses. This is standard procedure even during non-coronavirus times, but in addition mattress and pillow protectors are washed at 60°c between bookings.#

*Sitting room upholstery is sanitised by steaming.#  

*After vacuuming, hard floors are cleaned using a steam mop and detergent.

*Throws, bedspreads and blankets are washed at 60°c in between bookings.#

*Books, games, maps, tourist information leaflets and any other unnecessary items have also been removed to make the cleaning process easier and more thorough.

*Mask, gloves and a disposable apron are worn when cleaning the cottage, and we also provide a small supply of masks and gloves for you to use should you need them during your stay.

The extra measures we have put in place mean that we have pushed back the cottage check-in time to 5pm. We hope you will understand the need for the extra time in our efforts to keep everyone safe. 

Check-out time is unchanged, at 10am.

# Current science suggests that the virus can live for, at the most, three days on surfaces. If there is a gap of three days or more between bookings, the laundry is retrieved but the cleaning is left until after the three-day period is up. The procedures marked #are therefore not carried out in this instance as the risk of virus continuing to live on surfaces is extremely low. In this instance, we will let you know if you can benefit from an earlier arrival time than the 5pm check-in stated.

How you can help us:

*Use the hand sanitiser provided each time you enter the property, and, most importantly, remember to wash your hands often.

*Continue to practice social distancing and wear face masks in shops and enclosed areas when out and about to minimise your chances of being exposed to the virus.

*Clean surfaces during your stay with the anti-viral spray cleaner provided.

*Scan the QR code displayed on arrival if you have the NHS Test and Trace app downloaded. Otherwise, you must let us know if you or any of your party develop Covid-19 symptoms.

*Before departure, strip the beds (not mattress or pillow protectors) and place the bedlinen with towels, bath mats, tea towels and oven gloves in the laundry bags provided. 

*Plan your departure to leave promptly by 10am. Any substantial delay will affect our ability to complete the enhanced cleaning schedule, as it all takes much longer than before.

  • Quiet village location
  • 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms
  • Dogs welcome
  • Superfast Wi-Fi
  • Full weeks and short breaks all year round
Guest Comments

We have had a fantastic stay at Ivy Cottage. Such a lovely place and the village is so peaceful. We've really enjoyed exploring the area - up through the Lakes and Yorkshire Dales - all of it stunning ...

The Hood family